Ready To Be a Mother?

Having a baby will change everything in your life. Before deciding to introduce a new member in your family, you need to have a detailed discussion with your partner. You need to decide whether you are ready to take that leap in your life and if you can deal with the logistics of dealing with parenthood.
Hopefully, the following points will help you to think with clarity.

Work-Life Balance
According to a study by the World Bank & the National Sample Survey Organisation, around 65-70% of women never return to work after they have a baby. But today, maintaining the work life balance is not an impossible thing. You just need to work around the baby’s biological clock and your professional work to align your life. Work from home is also in vogue.
Care Taker
Babies need 24*7 surveillance for quite some time, and if you wish to return to your work in a few months, then you must have someone to babysit for those few hours.
Financial Stability
Analyse your cost of living for every month. The extra expenses like diapers, baby formula, clothes and health insurance should not put any stress on your pocket. Will you be able to manage the extra money?
Maternity/Paternity Leave
The time you and you partner can take off from work to take care of the baby is important. Your company policies and laws should help you to manage your time without losing any money.
Physical Space
Think about the area you currently stay. A tiny space corner may still work for a small baby. But, are you ready to shift when the child turn 3+ or so?

If you are ready to become a parent now, churn some thoughts on the above points and plan your family. When everything is planned, 18 years will go in a blink and you will be dealing with an adult soon.

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