An Open Letter to the New Age Independent Woman

Dear Women,
Start loving yourself!
As everyone is busy in keeping up with the modern age busyness, maintaining a healthy work-life balance becomes really difficult. Stuck in the web of homely responsibilities, professional commitments and social pressures, you need to take some time to love yourself. Self-love is more about breaking away from self-assessment. It is an escape from the feeling of guilt and letting yourself be happy in the moment. So, here are the reasons to make self-love your first priority.

Physical and emotional well-being:
When you block all negativities about yourself, you will become more self-assured and optimistic in life. The positive outlook will also make you opt for a healthier lifestyle.
Deepens Relationship
Self- positivity will deepen your bonds with other people also. A positive aura around you makes you more attractive and impactful.
Moving Forward
Self-love makes you strive hard to live the life of your dreams. You don’t settle for anything less than expected and you push your boundaries to achieve what you deserve.
Inner Peace
When you stop comparing yourself with others, you set your own parameters of achievements. This leads to inner peace and solace.

Today, give yourself a compliment and believe that you are doing the best for yourself at the moment. At times, when you are too exhausted, take a break and spend some time doing your favourite activity; read a book, watch a movie, write or draw something or plan a self-care day, but do something that you absolutely love. Avoid over burdening yourself, incentivise yourself on small achievements, stay motivated and delete unnecessary actions that are jamming your days.

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