Plan & Save Yourself from Anxiety

The ultimate bliss of having sex is experiencing orgasm, but what if the after-effects are alarming. Often, the flow of events from foreplay to orgasm is unplanned. Don’t be anxious after a night of passionate love making but rather plan in advance and enjoy every time. If you are prepared, then you don’t have to worry whether you are doing it at the heat of the moment or after a date night.

Preparing is easy, talk to your partner about contraception and the different choices available. Choose a method that suits you or him, looking at the advantages and understanding the short-term and temporary side-effects. Discuss it further with your doctor or someone you know is on that particular contraceptive method and adopt one. So, the next time you have sex, spontaneous or planned, you are prepared to enjoy sex without anxiety.

When you are sure about your choice of contraception, your mind is free from any unwanted stress and you could spice up the sex with simple or quirky ideas – scented candles, role-plays or with sexy surprises.

Maintaining an active sex life is a lot of effort! It is important to not get into emergencies after unprotected sex, which ruins not just that moment, but also ends up adding unwanted stress for many days. Plan ahead and save yourself from anxiety. After sex, talk about your experiences and tell each other, what was good and what wasn’t. Work together with your partner to lead a healthy and happy sex life.



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